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Me bad, mateys!

Yohoho! A Pirates Appreciation post.

30 Days of Fighting Games!!

Day #12 - What’s your favorite stage from a Capcom fighter?

My love for Street Fighter Zero 2 stages are too strong.


Outside of that, I always loved Boxer’s & Cammy’s Street Fighter II stage.

Day #13 - What’s your favorite stage from a SNK fighter?

I love the stages from ‘95, ‘98, especially ‘99, and ‘02, but man… the stages in The King of Fighters XIII were amazing.


Not only they were good, but they were nostalgic as well. (Why are in England not playable B. Jenet?! :<) The shall-not-be-mentioned-KOF had one AMAZING stage though. Probably because my favorite KOFXIII stage looks just like it. lol

Day #14 - What’s your favorite stage from a NetherRealm Studios fighter?

The Pit. All of them, but Mortal Kombat 9's Pit was very beautiful. (Yes, that was my choice of words.)


I’m sorry, but I have a thing for stages with full moons… lol

Day #15 - What’s your favorite stage from an Arc System Works fighter?

BlazBlue’s Halloween.


All three versions of them!

I like Ragna’s BBCP stage too. I don’t really favor Guilty Gear's stages that much. I like London (GGX), Russia, China (GGXXAC) and the Mayship though. Probably because they were my favorite characters' stages. lol

Day #16 - What’s your favorite stage from a Namco fighter?



I know, I know. Tekken 5's Moonlit Wilderness is legendary. I know… but this is Snoop Dogg's stage, bruh.

Day #17 - What’s your favorite stage from Smash Bros.?

Come on, son. You know Super Smash Bros. Melee's Temple stage from The Legend of Zelda is the greatest Smash Bros. stage ever.


Don’t even front. These massive stage was like a frickin’ playground.

The Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Final Destination looks ridiculous though!


Damn… I got a lot of catching up to do. Busy ass week. lol

Okay now, there is cute and then there is TOO CUTE.
Like, holy crap. She is definitely designed to be a &#8220;waifu character.&#8221;

Okay now, there is cute and then there is TOO CUTE.

Like, holy crap. She is definitely designed to be a “waifu character.”

30 Days of Fighting Games!!

Day #11 - Which fighting game villain do you dislike the most?

The Lord of all SNK Bosses: Geese Howard.

I’m not going to even waste my time, because I’ve said enough on here…


If this guy isn’t your answer to this question, then YOU HAVE NEVER EVER SUFFERED IN FIGHTING GAMES. EVER.

Nothing good came out of this infuriating prick.

Well, maybe Rock…
(You’re almost there, little guy.)


Which villain is he being compared to? Because I have a hunch that you will hate Adachi.
Anything YOU say, I’ll believe, but compared to Hazama.


I’ve been hearing some interesting shit about this guy for Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold.

The little I’ve seen his gameplay and behavior reminds me of a villain I like. lol People told me he’s “even better” than him.

I hope they aren’t wrong, because I kinda want to him in less than three weeks.

At the same time I kinda want to use Rise to troll fools with her DDR Super. lol

[Note: I’ve never played Persona 4; I did play P3 though.]

30 Days of Fighting Games!!

Day #10 - Which fighting game villain do you like the most?

The green-haired bastard Hazama, who is better known as Yuki Terumi.

This dude… is cruel, fucked up, and in short, completely insane. Yet I find this dude absolutely hilarious.

The shit he does and the things you find out what he was behind of will make you mad as hell, but it’s just the little things he does that tickles me. For example: His hatred of cats. He’ll be a total sadist to people he doesn’t like or just in his way physically AND mentally for fun, but if he see a cat (Note: Juebi, Kokonoe, Taokaka) he will lose his fuckin’ shit like a child throwing a tantrum and it cracks me up every time. (Comes to find out that he’s actually allergic to them.)

Other than that, he is just a ruthless villain that does his job right. Too bad he plays fucking WEIRD as shit for me. To be honest, I like playing as Terumi over Hazama. Loving putting them boots in that ass.

It’s a shame he’s a fuckin’ easy ass “final boss” to fight against. lol

This… masterpiece…

Damn. Now I got this song in my head…

Cool blog! I'm sad that i haven't found it sooner!

Haha! Thank you, thank you.

30 Days of Fighting Games!!

Day #9 - Who is your favorite trio?

Mai Shiranui, King, and Yuri Sakazaki aka the original Women Fighters Team.


I’ll always love these three together…

It all began in ‘94, after that I’ve used them in the major KOF games I played throughout the years like ‘98, one of my favorites, even in ‘02 when they weren’t a team for some stupid plot reason (What’s even more stupid is that King wasn’t even in the original ‘02 version) and it happened again with KOFXI, this time with no Mai (no buy) to now The King of Fighters XIII, in which they’ve reunited and felt better than ever.

I really love each of the girls’ play-styles a lot (I’ve OCV’d BOSSES with total ease as Yuri!) and thanks to the Art of Fighting ladies, they always have hilarious endings, with or without Mai.

I’m pretty sure Capcom vs. SNK 2 was the only game I played a lot that had the trio together I didn’t use as a team, because King was really bad and just having Chun-Li, Morrigan, and Mai on the same team itself is just ridiculous. lol


Nonetheless, I absolutely love the Queen of Fighters without a doubt.

30 Days of Fighting Games!!

Day #8 - Who is your favorite couple?

Terry Bogard and Blue Mary.

For the love of fighting games, just fuck each other already!!

No… seriously!

For real, I really need to see Ken and Eliza’s son, Mel, have a legit rival in Capcom vs. SNK 6.

I really adore these two together.

I really adore these two together.