Random thought, but you know what would be a sick idea for Darkstalkers 4?

Adding SonSon, “rejected Darkstalkers design” Ruby Heart, and Amingo into the cast.

Oh, that’s old? Okay… well, I have an even sicker idea: Give them remixed themes from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Amingo’s theme would be “Desert Stage,” Ruby Heart’s theme would be “Airship Stage,” and SonSon’s theme would be “Swamp Stage,” but of course with the horror/dark touch.

Yeah, that would be very interesting to hear, but… gah… who am I kidding? Capcom wouldn’t do such a godlike thing…

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    Ruby Heart would be a cool ass idea for the next Darkstalkers, but I can’t see SonSon or Amingo making the cut.
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  7. gokusswag said: I hope this game isn’t remade…I’ll cry for endless days if it does.
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    Hahahaha, no. to me only SonSon seems the most likely. The others just don’t seem very Darkstalkers like.
  10. min7yfr3sh said: Never man.
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